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13 Candidates File for DD2 School Board Election

Dorchester County - The Friday filling deadline for candidates for the Dorchester District Two School Board election came this week with 13 candidates filling. The election this November will decide who holds four seats. The 4 incumbents up for reelection this year are Justin Farnsworth, Gail Hughes, Tanya Robinson, and Brian Mitchem.

Incuments Mitchem and Robinson chose not to file for reelection while incumbents Farnsworth and Hughes filled in the final week. With the at-large election style the candidates with the top four most votes of the field will win and go on to serve as School Board Trustee for four years. To have their name appear on the ballot, candidates had to turn in 250 verified signatures to the election commission. To be verified on the ballot in November, the election commission has to determine that all 250 of the signatures are valid registered voters living within the DD2 boundaries.

The current list of candidates along with how many signatures they turned in are below:

Trindell S. Miller - 299 Justin Farnsworth - 362 Hester Young - 274 DeAnndra Glenn - 310 Jimmy Tupper - 360 Kellie Bates - 431 Erica Miller - 356 Bob McGuigan - 296 Eric Unger - 311 Frankie Staropoli - 335 Cynthia C. Powell - 672 Gail Hughes - 325 Debbie Polk - 281

It has yet to be determined if each of these candidates signatures will be verified or not, we'll be sure to update you once we learn of the candidates being verified.

Issues such as classroom sizes, Covid response, taxes, test scores, inappropriate children's books, school safety and more are sure to be debated in the coming months in what is expected to be a hotly competitive contest. Few of the candidates have websites or a social media presence, so we'll be sure to keep an eye on the election for you with more articles as we learn more about the candidates.

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