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Anonymous Push Poll Raises Questions About Summerville Mayor Race

Summerville, S.C. - An anonymous push poll was sent out to many Summerville residents today, February 28, 2023. The poll asked for their opinions on the upcoming mayoral election in November 2023. The survey was sent with the purpose of shaping opinions and was of an ominous nature. The push poll, which asked questions about the direction of Summerville, named specific individuals and their platforms, and asked for opinions on key issues, has caused concern among residents.

According to Oxford Languages, a push pull is an ostensible opinion poll in which the true objective is to sway voters using loaded or manipulative questions.

The poll began by asking residents how they plan to vote in the upcoming election. It then went on to ask for their opinions on the direction of Summerville, and whether they have heard of several individuals who have been in the news recently. The poll also asked residents to choose two issues that are most important to them, and which would decide their vote for the mayor of Summerville.

Residents were then asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, and were given information about each of the candidates. The poll asked if this information made them more or less likely to support a candidate.

Finally, the poll asked several demographic questions, including gender, age range, neighborhood, and political affiliation.

The anonymous nature of the poll has caused concern among residents, who worry about the motivations behind the push poll. Residents are being urged to be cautious about the information they receive and to seek out reliable sources of information as the election approaches.

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