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ARHS Student Sets New South Carolina Pole Vault Record

Dorchester County, S.C. - Matthew Phillips, a student-athlete from Ashley Ridge High School in Dorchester District 2, has set a new South Carolina pole vault record. The news was shared by Justin Farnsworth, a member of the DD2 School Board, who posted about it on his Facebook page.

According to Farnsworth's post, Phillips broke both his school's pole vault record and the most recent known South Carolina boys' record with a remarkable vault of 16'4.75. This impressive feat also places him at number five in the nation. The video of Phillips' record-breaking vault was shared by his mother, Sarah Phillips, with the music of DJ Khaled playing in the background. See the feat featured below:

Phillips' accomplishment has brought great pride to the DD2 community and his school.

The achievement has also garnered attention from the broader South Carolina sports community, with many congratulating Phillips on social media and local news outlets featuring his story. Phillips' performance is sure to inspire and motivate his fellow student-athletes in the district to pursue their goals and dreams with determination and perseverance.

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