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BREAKING: Dorchester Councilwoman Switches Parties to Republican for Re-Election

Dorchester County Councilwoman Harriet Holman was the only Democrat on Dorchester County Council, until today. Elected in 2018, today Holman will make the special announcement alongside SCGOP Chairman Drew Mckissick and DCRP Chairman Steven Wright.

"My Faith, Family Values, and love of country have guided my life and my service to you on County Council." said Holman.

Holman is also a retired Lt. Col in the US Army.

Her announcement comes as a surprise to many, "I am not a Democrat, I believe for our families to succeed we need opportunities, I am pro life, I believe in capitalism, I believe in funding the police, and safe neighborhoods. Nationally the Democratic Party does not represent who I am. It is for this reason that I am proud to announce on this day Feb 21st, 2022 I am running for re-election to Dorchester County Council as a Republican, this does not change who I am at all, I am still Harriet Holman."

Stay tuned to Summerville News as Harriet may join us this week for an exclusive interview on the upcoming return of the Weekly Grab Podcast.

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