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Candace Jennings Files For State House Run

The open seat for House District 97 has drawn quite a few candidates. One of those candidates is Candace Jennings.

Raised in Summerville, South Carolina, the Clemson alumni hopes to make her mark on the Palmetto State.

“I’m not a politician or lawyer, which I view as a great advantage; I will have no conflicts of interests and am not interested in using my office to advance my career. “

“ I will be the representative district 97 needs, one who is truly a representative of the people and for the people. “

Jennings believes in medical freedom, parental rights, and election integrity.

Her motivation to run for the open seat came from two things. The 2020 election and the governments

handling of the continuing pandemic

Watching representatives from Congress down to town council refusing to listen to reason and their own constituents.

“ It began to feel more than ever that our government had shifted from We The People to They The Rulers"

Before her campaign run, Jennings spent ten years working with the Department Of Defense. After some time in the DC and San Francisco area, Jennings found a calling to return home.

The mother of three is unequivocally pro-life and stands for protecting life before and after birth.

Jennings is a candidate that's passionate about bringing conservative values to Washington.

Summerville News will continuously keep you up to date on this election and the running candidates.

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