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City Of Charleston Under Lawsuit, John C Calhoun statue

The city of Charleston is on the receiving end of a pending lawsuit over the handling of the John C Calhoun statue.

When the city removed the historic figure last summer, there was a mutual trust that the statue would be placed and protected in a South Carolina museum. However, news is arising that the city of Charleston has broken that trust and is attempting to ship the statue out to a California museum. Some state lawmakers are backing the lawsuit being brought by descendants of the former United States vice president. The city of Charleston is even at risk of losing state funding over the handling of the statue.

"The family wants it back, the city has violated the trust with the family, who gave it to the city, "says Representative Bennett

The Calhoun statue was one of many taken down last year when pepole questioned whether America's history should be recognized or completely erased.

The future of the John C Calhoun statue is currently still up in the air; A final decision will likely not be made until early January 2022

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