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DD2 Nears Single-Member District Elections as Bill Heads to Governor After Clearing House and Senate

Dorchester County, S.C. - Dorchester County School District 2 (DD2) is one step closer to implementing a single-member district election system. The South Carolina State Senate has unanimously passed the final reading of H3691, a bill that aims to address concerns about the current at-large election system that does not adequately represent the diverse interests of the DD2 community.

Louis Smith, a long-time advocate for this change, expressed his satisfaction with the passing of the bill, stating that "This shows that when you’re dealing with common sense legislation, all of us as Americans can come together to make it happen."

Under the new system, the DD2 school board will be restructured into seven single-member districts, each represented by a board member who resides within that district. This change will provide greater representation of local interests, as well as more targeted and responsive decision-making by the school board.

The current at-large system has raised concerns that certain areas of the district have been disproportionately represented, while others have been underrepresented or ignored altogether.

With the implementation of single-member districts, DD2 residents will have the opportunity to vote for board members who are accountable to their specific communities.

The bill received broad bipartisan support in the House, with a final vote of 102-0, and has now been sent to the Governor's desk to be signed.

If signed into law, the bill will mark a significant step forward for the DD2 community, providing them with a more equitable and representative election system for school board members.

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