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DD2 School Board Approves Turf Fields At 3 High Schools

Dorchester County, S.C. - Turf fields were approved 7-0 at the Board meeting following a blitz (pardon the pun) of 10 AD directors, staff and coaches, including Coach LaPrad, who were lined up to carry the initiative across the goal line for the Superintendent.

The 45 minute presentation and discussion resulted in an award of a vendor-financed $3,625,000 at 4% interest and an annual payment of $538,413 over an 8 year period. The offsetting cost saving was estimated to be $550,000. The booster clubs will contribute to the annual payment and district funds to the schools’ athletics will be reduced.

Staff indicated there may be added opportunity to negotiate better financing after award. It was not clear how that would happen after award.

Next, Facility Committee Chair Guthrie said the usual tour of schools by the committee will not occur since the the Superintendent's staff has already completed it. It wasn’t clear why there was no check and balance taking place if it was done in prior years.

A presentation on the early release from school pilot project at Flowertown Elementary was given by Lori Estep. The Superintendent said the purpose was to find planning time for teachers.

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