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DD2 School Board Retains Traditional Calendar for 2023-2024

By Stephen DeVita of DD2 Schools Unwrapped

In a divided 4-3 vote last night the School Board voted to adopt the traditional calendar that begins on August 21st. Ashley Wimberly and others noted there was not enough time for input from stakeholders. Barbara Crosby and Gail Hughes supported the Modified Calendar that had a August 7th start date. Ms. Hughes, however, had concerns with the timing and lack of stakeholder input. Ms. Wimberly voiced a comment about adopting a calendar for 2 School years when more input was needed. Mr. Guthrie said nothing.

After considerable debate, Dr. Robbins said the safe recommendation is for the traditional calendar to give more time for community input. Community debate had swirled on social media over the weekend after we reported on the 2 calendar proposals being considered. Many had already made plans for August while others advocated for their favorite proposal.

Members voting to adopt the traditional calendar (Aug. 21 start) were Wimberly, Hughes, Farnsworth and Bates.

Opposed were Guthrie, Powell, and Crosby.

In other news, the Board went into Executive Session at the urging of Kellie Bates when the Chair tried to close the meeting without holding it. The announced subject given by the Chair was the need to discuss a new position. The session lasted about 15 minutes and no action was taken.

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