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Dorchester County Council Approves Request For $40,000 Grant For Community Resource Center

The Dorchester County Council voted to approve a request for a grant from the Summerville Community Resource Center on Tuesday.

The grant costing $40,000 will provide food and hygiene supplies to low-income residents in Dorchester County. Funding will be pulled from The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), A stimulus bill passed in 2021.

Summerville News spoke to the Director of the Community Resource Center, Louis Smith, who was is ecstatic with receiving the grant, saying that this will continuously help the community of Dorchester County.

“One Person, One resource at a time”

In 2021, the Community Resource Center Made its mark on the community, Handing out over 2.2 million boxes of groceries to those in need. In addition, up to 10,000 children benefited locally from the 2021 School supply drive. Giving students in need the supplies, they need to succeed for the year.

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