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Dorchester County Council to Hold Special Meeting on 500 N. Main Street & Midtown TIF District

Summerville, S.C. - The Dorchester County Council has announced a special called meeting to address important development matters concerning 500 N. Main Street and the Midtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District. The meeting will be held on Monday, May 22, 2023, at 5:00 pm in the County Council Chambers, located at 500 N. Main Street, Summerville. This news comes as local residents continue to express frustration with County Council on the lack of community input on the project.

The primary focus of the meeting will be the discussion on the potential removal of the 500 N. Main Street property from the Midtown TIF District. This proposed change aims to enable a more inclusive approach by incorporating community feedback and opinions. By removing the property from the TIF District, the county can better address various community concerns, including the preservation of the old hospital's façade, the establishment of a new civic park, enhancements to the Veterans Memorial, and improvements to Main and Cedar Streets. Additionally, this adjustment could open up opportunities for the development of workforce housing.

One of the key strategies proposed by the county is the implementation of a Fee in Lieu of Tax (FILOT) agreement for 500 N. Main Street. This approach would generate fee revenues that could be utilized beyond the limits of the TIF District. By leveraging these additional funds, the county can pursue multiple objectives, both within and outside the TIF District. The intended utilization of fee revenues is as follows:

  1. Preservation of the façade of the old hospital building.

  2. Development of a new civic park and enhancements to the Veterans Memorial.

  3. Allocation of an additional $8 million to DD2 schools, complementing the $2 million provided by the TIF.

  4. Provision of $20 million for the construction of a Community Recreation Facility in the Summerville area.

  5. Allocation of $2 million for streetscaping and improvements to Main Street and Cedar Street.

  6. Inclusion of credits for workforce housing targeting teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders within the multi-family development for a minimum of 15 years.

  7. Construction of a modern County office building and additional Class A Office Space in the downtown area.

  8. Establishment of a new downtown hotel and restaurant, aiming to enrich the downtown area with retail and hospitality amenities.

  9. Creation of additional parking facilities, potentially through the construction of a parking garage in the downtown area.

County officials have been working collaboratively with town and school authorities to chart a path forward that supports continuous improvements in the community. The upcoming special called meeting serves as a platform for stakeholders to engage in discussions and express their opinions regarding the proposed development plans.

All interested individuals are encouraged to attend the meeting to stay informed and contribute to the decision-making process that will shape the future of Dorchester County. For further details and updates, please visit the Dorchester County Council website or contact the County Council directly.

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