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Dorchester County Councilman Proposes Stipulations for Potential Sale of County Services Building

Dorchester County, S.C. - Dorchester County Councilman Bill Hearn proposed new stipulations for the potential sale of the County Services Building located at 500 N. Main Street in Summerville in a social media post today. According to Hearn, the county's needs have changed over time, and they require a more efficient building to provide better services to residents. However, the councilman is against the plan as presented.

At the next Dorchester County Council meeting on Monday night, Councilman Bill Hearn says he will make a motion to direct county staff to include specific stipulations in any contract to sell 500 N. Main Street that is brought before the County Council for potential approval. The motion includes several requirements that the new property owner must meet.

These requirements include preserving the historic county hospital facade, preserving the veteran’s memorial and giving it to the county, creating a civic park on the frontage of the property and giving it to the county to preserve the gateway into Summerville and to "bookend" with Hutchinson Square, and holding public outreach meetings before seeking development approval from the Town of Summerville.

Councilman Bill Hearn believes that the County Services Building is the gateway to the unique and historic village of Summerville. Therefore, he urges residents to support his motion and contact their County Council representative to do the same. He assures that any proposed offer the county may receive from a prospective buyer will not be a done deal even if the motion passes. It will still have to come back before the council to vote on the approval of a purchase and sales agreement, and that vote will include a public hearing.

Residents can find more information about the potential sale of the County Services Building and the proposed redevelopment project by visiting the county's website.

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