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Dorchester County Emergency Management Department Receives New State-of-the-Art Unified Command Unit

Dorchester County, S.C. - The Dorchester County Emergency Management Department has unveiled its new Unified Command Unit, a 36-foot vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will allow emergency services to respond more effectively and efficiently to large-scale emergencies.

The new vehicle, which cost approximately $500,000 and was funded through the American Rescue Plan Act, features a command staff meeting area with video displays for planning and briefings, as well as satellite communication, radios, and connectivity to county and 9-1-1 computer networks. The unit will be used at large-scale community events, search and rescues, disasters, and other emergency situations.

The Dorchester County Unified Command Unit will serve as a shared resource for all emergency services operating within the county, including local municipal law enforcement and emergency responders. The unit will replace the pop-up tents and vehicle hoods that were previously used as command centers during emergencies.

Director of Emergency Management Thomas McNeal said that the new vehicle is a game-changer for the county's emergency response capabilities. "Our new command unit is basically a high-tech mobile work space that is a shared resource for all emergency services operating within Dorchester County," he said. "It will provide a more efficient and effective response to emergency situations."

The new Unified Command Unit is just one example of the investments being made in emergency response capabilities across the country. As disasters and emergencies become increasingly common, communities are recognizing the importance of investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to keep their residents safe. The Dorchester County Emergency Management Department's new vehicle is a testament to their commitment to preparedness and their dedication to keeping their community safe.

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