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Dorchester County GOP Convention Results Announced

Summerville, SC - The Dorchester County GOP Convention took place this past Saturday at the Rollins Edwards Community Center in Summerville, where the results for several key positions were announced.

The races for Chairman, 2nd Vice Chair, and 3rd Vice Chair were all decided by acclamation. Steven Wright was reelected as the Chairman of the Dorchester County GOP, while Brady Bowyer and Rebecca Lawson were elected as the new 2nd and 3rd Vice Chairs, respectively.

However, the race for Vice Chair was more contentious, with Donna Klim winning reelection by a landslide victory over newcomer David Neal. Klim claimed 191 votes compared to Neal's 77 votes, earning her the position of Vice Chair for the Dorchester County GOP for another two years.

Chairman Steven Wright in a surprise move gave Klim's nominating speech praising her hard work and efforts over the last two years concluding, "you don't fire a coach after a winning season, you extend their contract".

The vote for State Executive Committeeman was also closely watched, with Joe Cali winning the race with 166 votes to Patrick Davidson's 97 votes.

The convention was attended by a large number of party members, who came out to support their chosen candidates and participate in the democratic process.

The Dorchester County GOP has a track record of supporting Republican candidates and conservative values. With the new leadership team in place, the party is poised to continue its work of advancing these values and supporting the community.

For more information about the Dorchester County GOP and upcoming events, visit their website.

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