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Dorchester Delegation to Hold Meeting Tonight on Single Member Districts

Dorchester County, S.C. - The Dorchester County delegation will hold a meeting tonight at 7:00 pm in the Summerville Town Council Chambers to discuss the possibility of transitioning the Dorchester District Two School Board from the current at-large election style to a single-member district election style.

At-large elections allow all eligible voters in a jurisdiction to vote for all available seats on a governing body, such as a school board. In contrast, single-member district elections divide a jurisdiction into separate districts, with each district electing one representative to the governing body.

There are pros and cons to both election styles. One benefit of at-large elections is that they can promote a sense of unity and representation for the entire community, as all voters have a say in electing all members of the governing body. On the other hand, at-large elections can also lead to a lack of diversity on the governing body, as candidates may only come from certain parts of the community. At-large voting also requires many more votes to remove an incumbent.

Single-member district elections, on the other hand, can increase diversity on governing bodies and ensure that each district is represented. Single-member districts also require less votes to remove an incumbent. However, they can also lead to fragmentation and a lack of cooperation among representatives, as each representative may only be accountable to their specific district.

The Dorchester County delegation will hear from community members and experts on the topic during tonight's meeting and will consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of each election style.

The meeting is open to the public and all those who are interested in the future of the Dorchester District Two School Board are encouraged to attend.

Last week the Dorchester County Republican and Democrat Chairmen spoke together at a press conference in support of transitioning to the single-member district model. All candidates in last year's school board election claimed to be in favor of the legislation. Both neighboring Counties, Charleston and Berkeley Counties have recently made the transition to single-member districts.

You can view the agenda for tonight's meeting below:

Delegation Meeting 0213202
Download PDF • 276KB

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