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Dorchester Democrat Chairman Drops Out of Congressional Race; Expected to Announce for Another Race

Summerville - Dorchester County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Lewis is dropping out just a short time after announcing his bid for US Congress in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District. Read his statement below:

Tim's lengthy statement goes on into a second graphic below:

Tim Lewis has previously run for County Council unsuccessfully in Dorchester County before and it's widely speculated he intends to make another attempt at running for County Council this year.

Lewis who seemingly can't decide which seat he wants to run for between the 3 positions he has run for within the last 4 years, attended Dorchester Councilman Harriet Holman's party switch event recently in St George and left this "press advisory" below. Note: this press advisory was not covered by any media outlets.

Councilwoman Holman recently decided to switch parties before re-election to become a Republican, which seemingly angered Lewis who wrote above "I hope she has enjoyed her time on Council because our candidate will beat her in November".

Many are speculating that the Dorchester Democratic Party Chairman was so angered by Holman's party switch that he changed his plans to run for Congress so he could re-aim his efforts at Holman.

At some point Lewis will have to step down from his current position as DCDP Chairman if he is going to refocus his efforts for a County Council race. Local Democratic Party activists are already planning to elect a new chairman announcing an upcoming convention.

Democrats seem to be rallying before what is sure to be a competitive election season in Dorchester County in 2022. Running to replace Tim Lewis in his position is Jeni Atchley who is the campaign manager for State House District 97 Candidate ReZsaun Lewis in his upcoming election May 17 Special Election.

Local Republicans are already gearing up to defeat Democrats at all levels according to Dorchester County Republican Chairman Steven Wright who wrote about Tim Lewis:

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