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Dorchester Democrat Running for State House Publicly Opposes Save Women's Sports Act

Dorchester County, S.C. - On Thursday night candidate for State House District 97 ReZsaun Lewis held his weekly live stream on his Facebook page. In this livestream with a non-binary person who joined him, he explained his position against the Save Women's Sports Act.

The Save Women's Sports Act just passed out of the Senate Education Committee this week and will now head to the Senate floor. The legislation requires people participate in sports in South Carolina with the gender on their birth certificate. You can read the full House version of the bill HERE.

According to World Population Review transgender people make up approximately 0.39% of the total population in South Carolina.

The bill is being framed by Democrats as if it is denying opportunities and discriminating against transgender people. Republicans in favor of the bill say allowing biological men to compete in women's sports denies opportunities to women.

Not all men are stronger than all women. Some individual women are stronger and more fit than individual men. There will be exceptions to every rule. However there are clear biological differences between men and women on the neuro-muscular level that many feel cannot be ignored.


We saw these biological differences last week when Lia Thomas, who was born a man, was crowned an NCAA Swimming title.

The same political party that lectured American's to "trust the science" on Covid now wants to throw out all of the biological science that shows the clear differences between men and women. In the picture above you can see Lia Thomas who is admittedly standing on a slightly higher podium towering over the women competitors on the right. It's visibly obvious from the picture that Thomas is head and shoulders larger than the other women.

While it is true there are very few transgender athletes in South Carolina, Republican Lawmakers are pushing for this bill so that this doesn't happen in the future in our State.

We will continue to follow the radical nature of ReZsaun Lewis who many experts are saying is attempting to play the role of a "Moderate Democrat" while injecting far left ideology into the Summerville political sphere. He is currently running for State House District 97 in a Special General Election taking place May 17th against Robby Robbins. To find out if you live in District 97 CLICK HERE.

We asked our Summerville News group of over 2,500 members how they felt about the issue. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents spoke up clearly in the poll with over 200 people responding that they were against biological boys competing in girls sports. Not one person in our group of over 2,500 agreed with ReZsaun's radical position.

See the poll below:

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