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Dorchester GOP Passes Resolution Supporting Jan 6th Prisoners

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. - Tonight the Dorchester County Republican Party's Executive Committee voted to pass a resolution in support of the January 6th prisoners. The resolution that passed (attached below) was amended to strike language originally included that would have sent $1,000 to an organization claiming to support those "falsely imprisoned" as a result of the Jan 6th insurrection.

DCRP Treasurer Patrick Davidson led the effort to strike the language from the resolution offering money to the organization saying that he believed County party money should be reserved for local Republican candidates only, not out of state organizations. Davidson's motion to strike the language passed a vote. Another vote was taken on the amended resolution, but still in support of the prisoners ended up passing.

Dorchester Republican Party Chairman had this to say about the resolution after the meeting this evening: "The resolution speaks for itself. As Chairman I am fully focused on November 8th and how we execute our 2022 Victory campaign. I am however happy that the executive committee voted against sending funds to an unvetted out of state nonprofit. Since being elected Chairman the Dorchester County Republican Party has raised more money than ever before and is in the strongest financial position to elect Republicans in history. It is imperative we are good stewards of all the funds we expend.

See the resolution attached via PDF below:

Download PDF • 25KB

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