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Dorchester School District Two Invests in Esports, Building Three New Arenas Across High Schools

Dorchester County, S.C. - Dorchester School District Two has announced plans to build three new esports arenas across high schools in Summerville, Ashley Ridge, and Fort Dorchester. The move is aimed at providing students with more opportunities for future jobs. Executive Director of Special Programs, Dr. Greg Harrison, confirmed that there was a high demand from students who had started their own esports clubs after school.

The district has already released renderings of how the arenas will look, with the Fort Dorchester arena being the largest, able to host community tournaments and providing advanced flight simulators for the JROTC program in collaboration with Boeing.

The arenas will be built with approximately $300,000 in grants, costing anywhere between $60,000 to $70,000 each. Students in the Career & Technology Education program or esports clubs will have access to the arenas, which are set to open in June, and may be available during lunch periods for students to check out.

The district also plans to hold tryouts for students to get on teams for certain game titles, so they can compete in the district and across the state.

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