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Drew McKissick secures re-election as chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party

Drew McKissick emerged victorious in the race for chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party during Saturday's state convention held in Lexington. McKissick faced a strong challenge from Jeff Davis of Greenville but managed to retain his position.

The election results revealed McKissick's strong support, as he garnered 51.8% of the votes with a total of 485 supporters. Davis secured 33% of the votes with 309 supporters, while Zoe Warren of West Columbia received 13.1% of the votes, amounting to 123 supporters.

Throughout the counties, the distribution of votes varied. In Greenville County, Davis obtained 75 votes, whereas Warren received 12 votes, and Tim Cox of Charleston County obtained one vote. McKissick did not receive any votes in Greenville County. In Spartanburg County, McKissick secured 40 votes, Davis obtained four votes, and Warren received 12 votes. Pickens County unanimously supported Davis with all 24 ballots, while Anderson County distributed their votes with 14 in favor of Davis, 15 for Warren, and six for McKissick.

McKissick's re-election marks his fourth term since initially assuming the position in 2017. He also serves as the co-chair of the Republican National Convention. McKissick has enjoyed the trust and endorsement of prominent party figures, including former President Donald Trump, who supported him in his previous campaign in 2021. Under McKissick's leadership, the party has achieved a supermajority in the General Assembly.

As for Jeff Davis, the outgoing chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party, he will now assume a role on the state executive committee, responsible for voting on crucial statewide matters.

Another contender in the chairman race was Zoe Warren, hailing from West Columbia. Warren gained statewide attention when he ran alongside Greenville's Harrison Musselwhite for the position of Lieutenant Governor last year.

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