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EXCLUSIVE: Dorchester County Sends Donald Trump Bill for 26k for September Rally

Dorchester County, S.C. - Former President Donald Trump's rally in Summerville on Sept 25th, 2023 cost local taxpayers $26,071.22 according to an invoice sent to the Trump campaign obtained by The costs include personnel costs and costs to feed the personnel who were out working the event in the morning hours despite it starting closer to 3pm.

It remains to be seen if the Trump campaign intends to foot the bill of the cost, but according to sources the Trump campaign did something similar in Pickens County, SC earlier this year at a rally. Sources say the campaign ran up a large bill on the taxpayers and didn't help the small local government pay for it. Much of these costs are to staff local law enforcement and emergency personnel needed for large events like these.

View the PDF of the invoice to President Trump below:

Donald J Trump President 2024 Campaign Reimbursement 10_04_2023 (2)
Download PDF • 51KB

While many came out and enjoyed the rally, many have complained that in the middle of the work day the traffic issues caused by the rally interrupted many folks daily activities around the Town of Summerville. We'll continue to keep you up to date on the latest regarding this invoice sent to the Trump campaign.

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