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Father and Daughter Give Riveting Testimony on DD2 School Safety

Dorchester County, S.C. - In extremely gut-wrenching and tearful testimony, James Palna and his daughter poignantly spoke in Public Comment at tonight's Board meeting about how a student gunman pointed a handgun at her and about the many safety concerns at Summerville High School.

Mr. Palna recounted how he learned that there are no cameras in the parking lot, how some cameras in the building don't work, how school parents were not notified of the incident even though the gunman was still on the loose. He reported the school officials said it was not a threat as the reason that parents were not told about the incident.

Attendees roundly applauded Mr. Palna and his daughter. He emailed the Board and Superintendent and received no response. He asks how $2M can be raised for a stadium, but there is no money for security. Other parents also spoke at the meeting recounting other security issues including students having sex on school property.

DD2 Schools Unwrapped has issued a FOIA request for all internal Board communications concerning this incident.

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