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Former Summerville Journal Scene Editor Ralph Mancini Joins Moultrie News in Mt Pleasant

Mancini cites lack of personnel support as reason for departure from SJS

Summerville, SC - Former editor of the Summerville Journal Scene, Ralph Mancini, has recently confirmed that he has accepted a position with Moultrie News in Mt Pleasant. Mancini announced his departure from SJS in late April, bidding farewell to the community in a thought-provoking article where he emphasized the importance of providing an accurate account of events rather than acting as a public relations representative.

Mancini's decision to leave the Summerville Journal Scene stemmed from what he described to as a "lack of personnel support." His dedication to delivering fair reporting had made him a familiar figure in the local journalism scene. Throughout his tenure, Mancini covered a range of significant topics, including local politics, community events, and developments affecting Summerville and its residents.

Among the noteworthy articles penned by Mancini most recently were those covering Councilman Terry Jenkins' reelection announcement, the controversial "A Slap in the Face for Summerville" piece highlighting concerns regarding the 500 N Main St project, Fire Chief Richard Waring's retirement, and the vape shop controversy involving Dickie Miler.

Speculation has arisen regarding the nature of Mancini's farewell article and its reference to operating as a PR rep: "My job isn’t to operate as anyone’s PR rep, but rather provide people with an accurate account of what’s being said and done." A quote from the final line of his farewell article.

Some community members have suggested that his departure may have been influenced by the perception of biased coverage during the mayoral campaign, particularly regarding the positive attention given to candidate Dickie Miler.

The transition from SJS to Moultrie News presents an opportunity for Mancini to broaden his coverage and contribute his expertise to a different local community. We at wish him the best.

As Summerville bids farewell to Ralph Mancini, his departure from SJS raises questions about the future direction of local news reporting in the town. The community eagerly awaits the next chapter of the Summerville Journal Scene under new editorial leadership.

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