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Fort Dorchester Football Coach Steve LaPrad Holds Press Conference

Dorchester County, S.C. - After reaching an agreement yesterday with DD2 to return to the Head Football Coach job at Fort Dorchester High School, LaPrad held a press conference today to express his feelings—“It’s been a whirlwind, a really tough time for myself and my family,” LaPrad said. “I made a mistake and I’ve got to be man enough to say that.”

He noted the District also made mistakes and said we got to get over it and move on down the road.

LaPrad will give up his AD job to advise Tyronne Drakeford, the District AD, on Middle School athletic programs. The Fort Dorchester AD position will be handled by Mr. Drakeford until the position can be filled.

It is not clear how LaPrad and Drakeford will coordinate duties regarding Middle Schools, or, whether this is simply a way to usher LaPrad out out of the school’s AD position.

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