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Harriet Holman Launches Campaign for SC House District 102 Seat

Harleyville, SC - Retired Lieutenant Colonel Harriet Holman has officially declared her candidacy for the South Carolina State House District 102 seat, making her bid public on February 19. Holman, currently serving as a Dorchester County Councilwoman, aims to become the sole black Republican woman representing South Carolina in the State House.

A seasoned veteran with 28 years of military service, Holman emphasized her commitment to fighting for the interests of her constituents. "I am a fighter," she affirmed. "House District 102 deserves someone who will fight for us - and will defend our culture, our values, and the district."

Holman's core principles of faith, family, and love for her country shape her vision for public service. "I want to be able to take that mentality to the State House to serve District 102 and make a difference by upholding the values we cherish most," she stated.

In outlining her candidacy, Holman drew attention to several votes by the incumbent

Representative Joe Jefferson, citing disparities on key issues:

  • Jefferson opposed the Save the Women’s Sports Act, designed to prohibit boys from participating in girls' sports.

  • He voted against the Help, Not Harm Bill, aimed at safeguarding children from radical gender reassignment philosophies.

  • Jefferson has consistently supported measures to restrict Second Amendment rights for South Carolinians.

Holman's academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Jackson State University and a Master of Business Administration from Claflin University.

Together with her husband Herman, the Holmans have resided in Dorchester County for over 14 years following their military careers. Their community engagement extends to supporting initiatives such as the Department of Disabled Veterans, American Legion Post 128, Dorchester Heritage Center, St. George Rotary Club, the St. George Rosenwald School, and Dorchester Habitat for Humanity.

Holman's campaign marks a significant step towards diversifying representation and advocating for the values of District 102 residents in the South Carolina State House. As the election season unfolds, her candidacy promises to ignite discussions on pertinent issues shaping the future of the constituency.

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