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Left Wing SC for Ed Activist Group Pauses Advocacy Efforts Indefinitely

In a recent press release, SC for Ed, an activist group focused on education, has announced their decision to pause many of their direct advocacy efforts indefinitely. Comprising unpaid teacher volunteers, the group has been actively involved in various initiatives since 2018, with the aim of improving the quality of education in South Carolina.

Over the years, SC for Ed has been known for advocating on several issues, including policies related to school lockdowns, mask mandates for students, discussions around Critical Race Theory (CRT), gender identity, as well as expressing concerns about the ability of parents to choose the school of their preference.

Acknowledging the challenges they have faced in achieving their objectives, SC for Ed believes that sustaining progress solely through a small group of volunteers is difficult and can lead to burnout. While they will continue to maintain a presence on social media platforms, they will no longer update their website, respond to email or direct inquiries, or organize events. The organization emphasizes the importance of collective efforts and encourages individuals to invest their time, energy, and resources in supporting public education.

It is worth noting that some critics have raised concerns about the advocacy positions taken by SC for Ed, particularly regarding their support for school lockdown policies, which some argue may have had adverse effects on children's academic progress.

SC for Ed says that their goal was not solely to advocate for teachers but rather to empower teachers to advocate for themselves. They stress the importance of educators taking an active role in shaping their own profession. Furthermore, SC for Ed expresses hope that other well-resourced organizations will continue to champion the cause of public education.

The press release concludes by expressing gratitude to the supporters who have stood by SC for Ed throughout their journey. The organization encourages ongoing support for other groups that promote labor rights for teachers, intellectual freedom, student health and safety, and investments in South Carolina's educational landscape. They recommend considering organizations such as SC WREN, SC ACLU, Pro-Truth SC, Public Education Partners, and similar associations.

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