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Maxwell Found Guilty On Multiple Counts

Ghislaine Maxwell awaits sentencing from a Manhattan judge after being found guilty on multiple accounts of sex trafficking underage girls. Over three weeks in trial and six days of deliberation, Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six counts being held against her.

Nearly 30 witnesses, including four accusers, testified on Maxwell and Epstein's abuse. Claiming that Maxwell helped identify and recruit them.

Despite the verdict, Maxwell, still claiming her innocence, launches plans for an appeal. Legal experts say that is no easy task.

For an appeal to be successful, Maxwell would have to show jury misconduct or an error in how the case was tried.

Although the verdict is a step towards justice for those victims of sex abuse committed by Epstein and Maxwell, there is still so much that remains unknown.

Who else was linked to the atrocities committed by Epstein, who else knew yet remained silent? These questions could be answered if Maxwell decides to cooperate with prosecutors in return for a reduced sentence.

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