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Naked Man Walks Into Summerville Wal Mart, Caught on Video

Summerville, S.C. - Shoppers at the Summerville Wal Mart were in for a shock earlier today when a naked man walked into the store. The incident was caught on video, and it is unclear at this time if authorities have made an arrest.

According to witnesses, the man entered the store around midday, completely naked. He walked through the aisles, startling shoppers, before eventually leaving the store. The incident was captured by a local Summerville resident and posted to social media.

Summerville has had a longstanding issue with homelessness, and it is unclear if the man in question was homeless or not. Homelessness has been a significant problem in the town for several years, and local officials have been working to address the issue.

The Summerville Police Department has not released any information about the incident at this time, and it is unknown if any charges have been filed. It is also unclear if the man has been identified.

This incident has left many shoppers at the Summerville Wal Mart shaken and concerned. It is a reminder that the issue of homelessness in Summerville is far from resolved, and more needs to be done to support those in need.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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