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Nancy Mace and Nikki Haley raise 300k in One Day For Mace's Congressional Reelection

CHARLESTON - US Congresswoman Nancy Mace hosted former Ambassador Nikki Haley at a fundraiser lunch Friday afternoon. Mace's campaign page reported they raised over 300,000 in one day.

Nancy Mace is in the political fight of her life with former State Representative Katie Arrington joining the race with President Trump's endorsement last month. Late Saturday evening Trump will be in Florence, SC to campaign for Russell Fry who is running against US Congressman Tom Rice and for Arrington who bussed dozens of her supporters to the rally before Saturday night.

Many are noting that Haley is going against Trump's endorsement supporting Mace despite some previous bad blood between the two women. Many are pointing to the large fundraising haul as proof that many Lowcountry Republicans aren't going to vote based on who the former President endorses.

The 300k fundraising haul that Mace and Haley raised in one day is more than Lynz Piper Loomis and Ingrid Centurion have raised in more than a year of campaigning. Experts say that with the "anti Mace" vote split 3 different ways between Centurion, Arrington, and Loomis that Mace now has a more serious path to victory than previously expected.

National analysts are following the SC-1 primary because of the national implications of Trump's endorsement. If Arrington wins the June primary, then many will still view Trump as the most powerful voice in the Republican Party. If Mace wins (with help from Loomis and Centurion splitting the vote) then the conversation will begin about a post Trump Republican Party.

According to the last FEC filling on 1-31-22:

Nancy Mace had 1.5 million cash on hand on the most recent report. SEE HERE

Lynz Piper Loomis had 913.29 cash on hand on the most recent report. SEE HERE

Ingrid Centurion had 6,403.98 cash on hand on the most recent report. SEE HERE

Arrington hadn't joined the race at the time of the last FEC filling but will be reporting her fundraising totals in the next quarterly report which closes 3-31-22 with a deadline of 4-15-22.

What are your thoughts? Who is your candidate? Does Trump's endorsement matter to you? Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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