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Nancy Mace To Visit Morgan Island, Due To Torture Experiments!

South Carolina congresswoman Nancy mace is planning to visit Morgan Island on Thursday, all in part of an investigation into alleged animal testing and abuse.

In released documents, it was recently found that up to 600 monkeys each year are captured from Morgan Island and are subjected to cruel and brutal testing from NIAID. These experiments are often conducted with zero pain relief and are extremely painful.

Mace, who also led the bipartisan effort to expose beagle puppy testing conducted by the National Institute of health, is ready to end the taxpayer-funded cruelty experiments.

Congresswoman Mace wrote a strongly worded letter to the supposed operation leader, The glorified dr. Fauci, demanding answers in early December

Rumors and stories about the island have floated around for years. However, many believed it was simply just a sanctuary for retired and rescued monkeys.

Leaders from the white coat project and leaders from multiple animal advocacy groups are expected to join mace on her visit this afternoon.

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