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Professional Ballet Dancer, Former DD2 Student, Pierceton Mazell, Performs for Rollings Middle

Dorchester County, S.C - Rollings students had the opportunity to watch a professional ballet performance starring RMSA alumnus Pierceton Mazell.

Mazell performs with the Chattanooga Ballet, which is on tour. Amanda Neikirk, Mazell’s former RMSA teacher and current RMSA Sixth Grade Counselor, and Brian McSween, Chattanooga Ballet CEO/Artistic Director, were part of the event.

“Rollings Middle School for the Arts will always be a memorable part of my journey as a young artist,” said Pierceton Mazell. “It provided me a consistent place to freely explore the art of dance. RMSA teachers and faculty create a cohesive environment to provide all students the opportunity to grow as young artist and provide lessons and memories that serve them not only as an artist but also as leading members of their community by sharing their vast imagination and perspective as artists. For many students including myself, RMSA is the introduction and inspiration to pursue a career in the arts.”

Ms. Neikirk said, “As a school of the arts, we are always trying to find new pathways for the growth and exposure of our students. This week our students will have the unique opportunity of participating in a dance masterclass and viewing a live performance of The Chattanooga Ballet.”

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