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Rep. Gatch seeks impeachment inquiry into Comptroller General

Columbia, S.C. - A resolution has been filed by Representative Gil Gatch (R-Summerville) calling for an inquiry into whether the South Carolina Comptroller General, Richard Eckstrom, should be impeached.

The resolution follows Eckstrom's admission to the Senate Finance Committee that the state's Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports for the past decade had overstated how much cash the state had by $3.5 billion, as some state funds had been double-counted.

The resolution's co-sponsors include Rep. Heather Bauer (D-Columbia) and Rep. Matthew Leber (R-John’s Island), who expressed concerns over the Comptroller General's bookkeeping and failure to disclose the issue to the General Assembly.

If approved by two-thirds of the South Carolina House of Representatives, the matter would proceed to the South Carolina Senate for consideration. Rep. Gatch emphasized the need for transparency and accountability from elected officials, while Rep. Bauer called for a full audit of the Comptroller General's office.

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