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Review: Oak Road Brewery's New 'Summerville Lager'

Summerville, S.C. - Oak Road Brewery in Summerville, South Carolina, released a new light lager to celebrate the town's 175th anniversary. The beer, named 1847 Summerville Lager, is available at Oak Road Brewery and several other locations around town, including Accent on Wine Summerville, Bexley's Fish & Raw Bar, Laura, and Lowes Foods of Summerville. According to Brian Cox, the co-owner and head brewer, the brewery hoped that this new beverage would become a popular choice for the community. He stated that the 1847 Summerville Lager was a tribute to the town that had given them so much over the years.

We thought we'd try the beer ourselves and report back to our readers our thoughts! This past Friday Oak Road Brewery offered a Super Bowl special on large cases of beers, and I took full advantage. On Friday and Saturday evening my fiance Kaelin and I drank a few pints of the Summerville Lager and our thoughts are below!

Kaelin's thoughts were that the beer is very light & smooth without a strong earthy taste and that she would recommend the beer to others.

First, the packaging is awesome. With dark greens, a cartoon animation of old Summerville, the mock up of the train, to the fonts that are used - the packaging screams Summerville. You can't help but think the inscription on the side of the can may bring more visitors to our town:

As for the beer itself, it's a great local alternative to any light beer in your fridge. Coming in pint sized cans and boasting an alcohol percentage of 3.5%, you'll be happy with the overall taste. Go grab a case from Oak Road Brewery, support local Summerville business, and enjoy the Superbowl!

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