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SC Attorney General Seeks to Block Biden Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson recently filed an emergency application with the United States Supreme Court to halt the Biden administration's SAVE student loan repayment plan. Wilson argues that the plan exceeds executive authority and would leave American taxpayers responsible for billions of dollars in student loans.

Wilson's application follows Biden's continuous efforts to push loan forgiveness despite the Supreme Court's ruling in Nebraska v. Biden, which determined that President Biden lacks the legal authority to unilaterally cancel student loan repayments. " Wilson said. "Therefore, any attempt to implement the SAVE plan is unconstitutional."

The SAVE plan aims to provide relief to student loan borrowers through measures like income-driven repayment options and potential loan forgiveness. However, it has faced significant legal challenges from several states, including South Carolina.

Wilson's emergency application contends that the SAVE plan lacks statutory authorization and violates the separation of powers doctrine. He is requesting that the Supreme Court issue an immediate stay to prevent the plan from taking effect during the ongoing legal battle.

Supporters argue that the SAVE plan addresses the student debt crisis and provides necessary relief to borrowers. Critics maintain that such measures should be enacted through legislation rather than executive action.

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