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SC RIA Awards Over $18 Million to Dorchester County for Infrastructure

Dorchester County, S.C. - South Carolina's Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) has recently awarded over $1.3 billion in grants to local governments and public water and sewer utilities as part of the state's Infrastructure Investment Program. Among the recipients is Dorchester County, which has been granted $18,665,407 to improve its water and wastewater infrastructure.

The two grants awarded to Dorchester County by SCIIP will be used to construct the Pump Station 4 and Force Main Project, and the Water Interconnection Project. The first grant, worth $10 million, will help construct a replacement force main and expand Pump Station 4, addressing capacity and reliability issues in the Orangeburg Road Area and accommodating future growth. The second grant, worth $8,665,407, will fund the first phase of the Water Interconnection Project, which aims to address increased water demand in the Ridgeville-Givhans area.

The first phase of the Water Interconnection Project will involve the construction of a 16-inch water line originating at the Ridgeville Industrial Campus and terminating at a connection into the County's water line on Highway 27 south of Ridgeville. This project will address the increased water demand in the Ridgeville-Givhans area by providing a connection to water from the Lake Marion Regional Water System. The second phase will extend the 6-mile 16-inch pipe to the Pine Hill Industrial Park on US 17A.

Dorchester County Council Chairman Todd Friddle expressed his gratitude for the grants, stating that the projects will address the growing water and wastewater needs of the community.

He also thanked the Dorchester County State Delegation, including Representative Murphy, Representative Gatch, Representative Robbins, Representative Brewer, and Senator Bennett, for their work in ensuring the county received the grants.

Overall, the grants provided by SCIIP will help modernize and upgrade critical infrastructure facilities in South Carolina. The award given to Dorchester County will provide significant savings to the county and help ensure that the area's infrastructure is capable of supporting growth and development in the years to come.

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