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Senate Votes To Block Vaccine Mandate!

The Senate voted to block Biden‘s aggressive vaccine mandate in a big decision Wednesday night.

The proposed mandate required large private employers to make their employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Those that denied would face weekly testing or the possibility of losing their job.

The vote was 52 – 48, with Joe Manchin of West Virginia and John tester joining all 50 Republicans to overturn the regulation.

The Congressional Review Act is what Republicans relied on to overturn the mandate. This act allows Congress to overturn federal regulations and requires a majority vote in both the Senate and the House.

Displeased with the vote, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer called those who voted to overturn "anti-vaxers" and “ flat earthers.”

Over the last couple of months, the vaccine mandate has been the topic of discussion ever since Biden announced his plans to launch the mandate back in September.

Many red states early on implemented actions to block the mandate. Meanwhile, some companies, most notably Daily Wire, took their disapproval of the mandate up in court, leading up to a federal judge blocking the mandate temporarily back in November.

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