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South Carolina Outlaws "Carolina Squat" Truck Modification

The state of South Carolina has officially banned the popular truck modification known as the "Carolina Squat." Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law on Tuesday, making it illegal to alter the front end of a truck or SUV to be higher than the back end. This follows North Carolina's decision to outlaw the modification in 2021.

The new law will take effect after 180 days, during which drivers found in violation will receive warnings. Once the law is in effect, drivers will not be permitted to have trucks or SUVs with front fenders that are more than 4 inches higher than the rear fender.

Penalties for violating the law include a $100 fine for the first offense, $200 for a second offense, and a $300 fine plus a one-year license suspension for a third offense. Law enforcement agencies have supported the ban, citing concerns that the modification impairs drivers' visibility and makes it difficult to see what lies ahead on the road.

The outlawing of the "Carolina Squat" in South Carolina reflects a growing trend among states to regulate truck modifications for safety reasons. By implementing this ban, the state aims to promote road safety and ensure better visibility for all drivers.

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