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State Representative Gary Brewer Joins Growing Momentum, Endorses Ron DeSantis for President

Summerville, S.C. - Continuing the wave of endorsements for Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, South Carolina State Representative Gary Brewer announced his support for DeSantis today, underscoring the need for strong executive leadership with military experience in the pursuit of the Great American Comeback. Brewer's endorsement adds to the mounting coalition of lawmakers rallying behind the Florida Governor's campaign.

Representative Brewer, known for his dedication to serving his constituents, believes that DeSantis possesses the essential leadership qualities required to navigate the challenges facing the nation according to his statement released today. Emphasizing the importance of strong executive leadership, particularly with military experience, Brewer expressed his endorsement of DeSantis as the candidate who can lead the United States towards a brighter future.

"It’s time for the Great American Comeback. It’s time for strong executive leadership with military experience. Come to Beaufort tomorrow morning and hear for yourself. I look forward to seeing the Gov. and First Lady of Florida tomorrow morning! (Casey Desantis is a CofC Grad btw!)", said Representative Brewer in a Facebook post Thursday morning.

To provide an opportunity for the community to engage with Governor DeSantis firsthand, an event has been scheduled for tomorrow morning in Beaufort. Attendees will have the chance to hear directly from Governor DeSantis and engage in a meaningful dialogue about the pressing issues impacting the nation.

The endorsement by State Representative Gary Brewer follows in the wake of fellow Dorchester delegation member Chris Murphy's recent endorsement of Ron DeSantis. Murphy, the first representative from the Lowcountry to endorse DeSantis, expressed his confidence in the Florida Governor's ability to lead the nation through his statement released yesterday.

Governor DeSantis has been strategically securing endorsements from state lawmakers across key primary states, indicating his broad appeal and growing support among influential figures in the Republican Party. With 37 endorsements from state lawmakers in Iowa and over 50 endorsements in New Hampshire, DeSantis continues to build momentum in his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination.

South Carolina residents are invited to join Representative Chris Murphy and now Representative Gary Brewer at Oaktie Ale House in Bluffton tomorrow morning, June 2, at 9 am, to meet Governor Ron DeSantis in person. This event offers an exceptional opportunity for attendees to engage with the candidate, gain valuable insights into his vision for the country, and participate in shaping the future of America.

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