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Summerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee Discusses Funding and Safety Issues

The information in this article is from notes from Chris McClure, member of Bike/Walk Summerville, an advocacy group whose goal is to create a successful pedestrian, bike and multi-transportation access culture to redefine our streets where everyone feels connected and safe when walking, running or riding on two wheels.

Summerville, S.C. - The Summerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee recently held a meeting to discuss several important agenda items related to funding, safety, and community involvement. Among the topics discussed were the funding of municipal government facilities, the need to turn the bi-monthly committee into a monthly one, and the consideration of Eric Epstein's mapping work on his vision for the Town of Summerville.

One of the most significant issues discussed was the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in Summerville. Committee members discussed the need to get more community involvement and to have the community at the table in discussions about safety. The group also reviewed bicycle rack selections and locations/placements, including at the Azalea Park and Town of Summerville buildings.

Another important topic discussed was the need for a safety event with updates from the Summerville Police Department. Committee members suggested holding a bike rodeo event and partnering with Spokeworks, a local organization willing to help considerably.

In addition to safety issues, the committee discussed the need to document sidewalks within the town of Summerville with GIS software to collaborate with the town's stormwater management and track progress on other issues. The committee also discussed the need for temporary bike racks at the Farmer's Market to prepare for the slow-roll Bike/Walk Summerville is preparing.

The committee will put a vote on the agenda for their next meeting regarding the frequency of meetings and whether more meetings will lead to more productivity. Committee members will also propose a date for an April meeting to continue the discussions on the priority list, including prioritization and revisions.

Overall, the Summerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is committed to improving the safety and accessibility of biking and walking in the town and is actively working towards solutions that benefit the community as a whole.

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