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Summerville Fire Chief Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Summerville, SC - Richard Waring, Fire Chief of Summerville Fire & Rescue, is celebrating a remarkable milestone - 30 years of dedicated service to the firefighting community. Waring's unwavering commitment to the department and the community has been instrumental in its success throughout the years.

Under his leadership, the department has flourished, delivering exceptional firefighting services to the residents of Summerville. In recognition of his accomplishments and commitment to the community, Summerville Fire & Rescue has released a statement congratulating Chief Waring on his 30-year milestone.

"Congratulations to Chief Waring on 30 years of dedication to the fire service. Through the years, your abilities and efforts have helped the success of this department. Together, we celebrate and take pride in your accomplishments and your commitment to the community," the statement reads.

Chief Waring's 30-year milestone is a testament to his hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment to the firefighting community. The residents of Summerville are grateful for his service and proud to call him their Fire Chief.

Here's to many more years of dedicated service, Chief Waring!

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Lon Watson
Lon Watson
19 feb 2023

He is deserving of the recognition. I believe educators who have served 30 years or more should also be recognized.

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