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Summerville News Releases DD2 Candidate Online Poll Results

Summerville, S.C. - The Dorchester District Two School Board race is quickly approaching with 13 candidates jockeying for 4 open positions in the at-large election taking place November 8th. Dorchester County's largest school district does things differently than their neighbors in Charleston with at-large elections, forcing candidates to campaign across the majority of Dorchester County, whereas Charleston and Berkeley County School Board Candidates campaign in smaller geographical areas within County Council districts. This makes the DD2 race more competitive because candidates need more votes to win than almost every elected official in Dorchester County. This year's race has two incumbents running for reelection. Gail Hughes and Justin Farnsworth. conducted an online opinion poll of these candidates in our active Facebook Group of 2,900+ members.

While we wish more people would be engaged and concerned with the local levels of politics that most affect our lives, we appreciate everyone who is researching candidates and did choose to participate. The poll had 78 responses of active engaged local residents. Here are the results:

Frank Staropoli - 21%

Kellie Bates - 20%

Erica Miller - 16%

Justin Farnsworth - 11%

Jimmy Tupper - 7%

Cynthia Powell - 7%

Gail Hughes - 6%

Eric Unger - 6%

Bob McGuigan - 1%

Trindell Miller - 0%

Hester Young - 0%

DeAndra Glenn - 0%

Debbie Polk - 0%

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