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Summerville Town Council Appoints Brent Melcher as New Fire Chief

Summerville, S.C. - The Town of Summerville has announced the appointment of Brent Melcher as the new Fire Chief of the Summerville Fire & Rescue department. Melcher has been with the department for almost 23 years and has held various positions within the organization. He started with SFD in 2000 and worked his way up to Battalion Chief in 2016. He then became the Deputy Chief of Administration in 2019 and was later promoted to his most recent role as Deputy Chief of Operations in 2020.

In a statement released by the town, they expressed their excitement for Melcher's appointment and highlighted his leadership experience and expertise. The statement read, "His expertise and leadership experience will add greatly to our existing talented Summerville Fire staff, and provide expanded vision and perspective as we move into the future."

Melcher's promotion to Fire Chief comes after the retirement of long-time chief Richard G. Waring IV in March. Waring IV is rumored to be considering a run for Summerville Town Council in this year's 2023 election cycle.

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