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Summerville Town Councilman Bob Jackson Announces Reelection for 2023 Election Cycle

Photo sourced from Summerville Journal Scene

Summerville, S.C. - Longtime Summerville Town Council member Bob Jackson has announced his bid for reelection for the upcoming November elections. The 66-year-old councilman has served the community since 2007 and is known for his transparency and commitment to doing the right thing for the constituents in District 6 and beyond.

During his recent interview with the Summerville Journal Scene, Jackson emphasized his unwavering views on leading Summerville towards continued growth and prosperity. He also highlighted some of his recent accomplishments as a council member, including securing a TIF overlay for the Oakbrook area and helping the council purchase a parcel of land originally intended for residential space, turning it into park.

Despite his achievements, Jackson has also made some controversial decisions during his tenure, including voting for a tax increase last year, mask mandates, and penalizing businesses that did not enforce mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The councilman is now focused on curbing development and increasing one-time impact fees to finance infrastructure and town projects. He acknowledged that upcoming budget retreats will be a tough task, prioritizing where town funds should be spent, and figuring out how to address the proposal to increase starting salaries for incoming firefighters. Jackson maintained that it is too early to predict whether the town has enough financial resources to implement a starting salary increase.

Jackson's views and past actions have garnered both support and criticism. However, he remains committed to serving his constituents and maintaining transparency in his role as a council member. So far no one has announced to run against Jackson in the November election but we will keep you updated in the event someone challenges Jackson.

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