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Tech Founder Compares Metaverse Hype To Communist Propaganda

Phil Libin, The tech founder responsible for the note-taking app Evernote had some unfavorable opinions about Mark Zuckerberg's new journey "meta-"

The tech founder who was born into the Soviet Union compared the metaverse hype to the communist propaganda he experienced as a child.

Libin, while making an appearance on Eric newcomers podcast on Tuesday, joined in on the conversation about "meta-"and the overall metaverse

Libin talked about how he despised it and labeled it as uncreative and stale.

"It's a gloss that uncreative people and companies put over fundamentally a lack of good ideas."

"There's a part of me that hates it and a part of me that fears it, but since I think it is so spectacularly stupid, there's actually not that much to fear."

The tech founder also touched on his belief that the "meta-verse, if successful, would be even more destructive to society than social media already is. Saying that it Will only further pull people away from a "shared reality."

Further digging people into their echo chambers, rather than pulling them out

During a part of the podcast, Libin touched on how the messaging for

The meta-verse is similar to that of the messaging he heard growing up in the Soviet Union, referring back to his experience in the first grade

"I was told as a little kid repeatedly: 'Communism doesn't exist yet. We haven't built Communism yet. We're building towards Communism. But it's not Communism yet. What you see around you, this horrible, horrible place, isn't Communism. We're building towards it. It's going to be great when it gets here.'"

Zuckerberg announced Facebook's change to Meta back in October 2021, laying out his plans with the metaverse.

Publicly overall, the idea wasn't met with too much enthusiasm, to begin with.

Consumers complained that instead of fixing the current issues with Facebook, Zuckerberg elected to "change the name instead."

Even representative AOC joined in on bashing the decision by Mark Zuckerberg at the time of announcement.

You can listen to the full Conversation with Phil Here

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