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The DCRP To Host First Meeting Of The New Year

This Thursday, January 13th, The Dorchester County Republican Party will be hosting their first meeting of the new year. State Senators Brian Adams, Sean Bennett, and Sandy Senn will be speaking at the event along with representatives Lin Bennett and Gil Gatch.

The meeting is open to the public and will allow legislatures to outline their priorities for the 2022 session. Attendees will be allowed to ask questions and express concerns coming into 2022.

Summerville News spoke with the Dorchester County GOP Chairman Steven Wright, who is looking forward to the meeting.

"The Dorchester County Republican Party is excited to kick off the 2022 election cycle with a legislative panel to preview the 2022 session. South Carolina faces many pressing challenges that our state legislature will likely tackle in 2022."

Wright Continued

"This includes the overreaching hand of the federal government with unconstitutional mandates, election integrity, our outdated tax code, much-needed reforms to our education system."

The meeting will be at 6:00 PM at the Summerville Country club on 400 County Club Blvd.

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