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South Carolina Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom to Resign After $3.5 Billion Accounting Error

Columbia, S.C. - Richard Eckstrom, the Comptroller General of South Carolina, will be stepping down from his position next month following a $3.5 billion accounting mistake in the year-end financial report he oversaw.

According to a resignation letter obtained by The Associated Press, Eckstrom will leave the elected post that he has held for 20 years on April 30. In the letter, Eckstrom stated that he has always worked to be a strong defender of taxpayers and a good steward of their tax dollars, and that the people of South Carolina deserve nothing less. Last month, the accounting error was brought to light and led to increasing scrutiny, with House lawmakers calling for an impeachment inquiry including Summerville area State Representative Gil Gatch.

A Senate panel investigating the error issued a report last week that suggested Eckstrom resign or face removal for neglect of duty. The report attributed responsibility for the error to Eckstrom, citing testimony from state officials who claimed that he ignored auditors' warnings of a "material weakness" in his office and flawed cash reporting.

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