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TONIGHT: Summerville Mayoral Forum a Night of Civic Engagement

Summerville, S.C. – The excitement is palpable in Summerville as the 2023 Mayoral Forum, hosted by the dedicated members of DREAM (Dedicated Residents Engaging in Active Municipality), is set to take center stage tonight at the Summerville Country Club, starting at 6:00 pm. Mayoral candidates participating are Dickie Miler and Russ Touchberry.

DREAM, a pillar of community engagement in Summerville, is proud to bring this highly anticipated event to the town. The Mayoral Forum promises an evening filled with lively discussions on various topics that matter most to the residents of Summerville.

The event will kick off at 6:00 pm at the prestigious Summerville Country Club, providing a serene backdrop for the candidates and attendees to engage in meaningful discourse. This forum has been carefully curated to address pivotal topics relevant to Summerville's growth and development, including historic preservation, small business development, and entrepreneurial growth.

To ensure that the questions are reflective of the community's concerns, DREAM has collaborated closely with its Community Partners to craft thought-provoking inquiries that will be posed to the mayoral candidates. These questions delve into the heart of the issues that Summerville faces as it navigates its path toward the future.

But that's not all. DREAM understands that community engagement is crucial, and it values the voices of Summerville's residents. Therefore, there will be an opportunity for attendees to actively participate in the forum by submitting their questions. This open dialogue format will allow for a comprehensive discussion that encompasses the diverse perspectives of the town's residents.

For those who can't make it to the Summerville Country Club in person, DREAM is making efforts to ensure that everyone can be a part of this essential event. The organization plans to stream the forum live on Facebook, offering an accessible way for the broader community to tune in and engage with the discussions. Additionally, DREAM will post the video recording of the forum later this week for those who miss the live broadcast or wish to revisit the discussions.

DREAM expresses its sincere gratitude to all the mayoral candidates for their willingness to participate in this forum. Their commitment to engaging with the community in this open and transparent manner reflects their dedication to serving Summerville and its residents.

As the clock ticks closer to 6:00 pm tonight, the anticipation is building. Summerville residents are eager to participate in a vital civic event that will help shape the future of their town. The Summerville Mayoral Forum promises to be a night of insight, discussion, and unity as the town comes together to address its most pressing concerns.

Don't miss the 2023 Summerville Mayoral Forum tonight, Tuesday, September 3, 2023, at 6:00 pm at the Summerville Country Club. Whether you're attending in person or joining the live stream, it's a chance to be a part of the conversation and make your voice heard in the future of Summerville. See you there!

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